Tam Talks

Can White Women Wear Head Wraps
Let’s drill it down to one specific question that we get a lot: can white women wear head wraps and turbans? The short answer is simple: yes, if you are white, you can wear a head wrap. Besides culture, there are so many other reasons to wear a head covering.
5 Stylish Alternatives To Wearing Bonnets In Public
Sometimes our hair isn’t ready for the public eye due to busy schedules or demanding home lives, and the best option is to conceal it with a chic and stylish covering that isn’t just a hat.
Curly Hair Educator Adrienne Monroe Talks Caring For Curls
Tam gets to interview to Adrienne, an experienced curly hair writer that focuses on help those women with hair issues, by experience she found her way to achieve a healthy and flossy hair through a personal research and hair literature. Discover her path to learn more about her personal care and how she shares it with the world through her podcast.
Meet Self-Made Millionaire April
Tam sits down to talk with personal finance coach April Stewart to discuss how she earned her first million dollars before 35, the top 3 mistakes that women make with money, and how she transitioned into a personal finance career from engineering.
Khadijah -- Harvard Law Alumna -- Talks TheNileList.com
Tam met up with Khadijah at her house in Washington, D.C. for a home cooked breakfast (made by the hostess herself) to discuss beauty, Black business, and her new venture. Khadijah shares the reason behind the launch of  TheNileList.com.
Lauren is Tickled & Thankful
Tam sits down to talk with Lauren -- owner and CEO of Tickled Photo Booth Company. She discusses why she started her photo booth company and where she finds her holy grail skincare products. You'd be surprised to find out the shelves she shops to keep her skin in tip top shape.