Hair Bonnets For Women

Hair Bonnets For Women Hair Bonnets For Women

Hair Bonnets For Women

Hair Bonnets are a great way to preserve your hair as you sleep at night. The satin lining helps to keep frizz and breakage at bay and can extend time between wash days.

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Nicole Satin-Lined Bonnet

Silk & Satin Bonnets For Women

Shop collection of satin and silk bonnets for women's hair. Satin and silk bonnets are the perfect sleeping caps for women looking to protect their hair as they sleep at night. Silk and satin bonnets help to keep moisture in the hair. Satin pillow cases are great but silk bonnets are better for protecting the hair at night as you sleep, because your hair isn't exposed to the air which can cause moisture to evaporate from the hair. Additionally, the hair isn't loose so it doesn't tangle.