Sports Headbands


Red African Print Tie Back Women’s Headband

nude womens headband

Nude Tie Back Women’s Headband

millennial pink headband

Millennial Pink Sports Women’s Headband

african print headband

African Print Sport Headband


Satin-Lined Headbands

Leopard African Print Headband

tribal print headband

Black/White Tribal Print Headband

satin-lined headband

Black & Yellow Head Wrap Headband

black and white headband

Black & White Head Wrap Headband


Satin-Lined Turbans

violet purple head wrap turban

Violet Satin-Lined Head Wrap Turban

satin-lined turban

Nima African Print Head Wrap Turban

light blue african print head wrap turban

Light Blue Geometric African Print Turban

green head wrap turban

Green Satin-Lined Head Wrap Turban



All our products are handmade in Ghana by women entrepreneurs.

headwraps made in Ghana

Turban Headbands

turquoise turban headband

Turquoise African Print Turban Headband

african print turban headband

Patchwork African Print Turban Headband

turban headband

Metallic Pink Turban Headband




Handmade Goat Milk Soap

camel milk body cream

Camel Milk Body Cream

african black soap body wash

African Black Soap Body Wash


African Black Soap

african print wide headbands

A Head Wrap That Ties Itself

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