adjustable no slip satin headband
satin hair bun maker for an easy hair bun hair style without the frizz

Satin Hair Bun Maker Set

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$30.00 USD


Enjoy our best frizz fighting products bundled in a set with everything you need to achieve the perfect sleek hair bun hair style. Comes complete with a satin hair bun maker for the perfect bun, a full satin adjustable headband, and a black satin hair scrunchie. 

Black Satin Scrunchie holds all hair types and prevents frizz and breakage. Crafted from a two way stretch satin to hold your curls, coils, locs, or braids. Place the satin scrunchie over your hair bun to secure your hair in place. 

Adjustable Black Satin Headband is the perfect way to embellish your hair bun style while keeping your hair line sleek. Use the slider to get the perfect headband fit without the headache or slip. 

Black Satin Hair Bun Maker achieves the perfect frizz free bun hairstyle every time. Just slide the bun maker over your pony tail and fold your hair and secure with a satin scrunchie (included). 

Care Instructions

Wash with like colors in lukewarm water and a mild detergent in by hand. Do NOT place your Loza Tam products in the washer or dryer. Allow to air dry. To remove wrinkles, iron on low heat. Do not iron satin areas.