Turban Size Guide

Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric, this turban is one size fits most. If your head circumference measures 21-25 inches, the turban head wrap should fit you comfortably. 

Lots Of Hair or Locs? 

If you have voluminous curly hair or longer locs and want all of your hair tucked under the turban, place your hair into a low bun, plaits, or twists before placing the turban on your head.

Turbans for Hair Loss or Short Hair? 

If you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition or have shorter hair (pixie cut or TWA), our satin-lined turbans are a great option. They are gentle against the hair and scalp preventing irritation. However, if you are completely bald you should expect to tuck the fabric to ensure a snug fit on the head. Or take a look at our Dutch Wax Head Wraps as they come in smaller sizes. 

Need More Guidance? 

If you still have questions, please chat with our customer care team. We'd be happy to assist.