Stylish Chemo Caps & Headwear For Women With Hair Loss

Chemo headwear and chemo caps for women with cancer

Finding high quality and stylish chemo headwear and chemo caps can be difficult. Often times chemo headwear like head wraps and turbans can be made from low quality materials and doesn't contains itchy seams. Hair loss can be very difficult to navigate, especially when it's due to medical reason like chemotherapy, lupus, or alopecia. As women, we often attach a large part of ourselves to our hair. It’s our identity, it’s how we see ourselves, and it’s our own unique way of choosing how to present ourselves to the world. It’s important, yes, but remember: it’s just one part of what makes you, you.

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Lining. Rather you are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or any medical reason, satin lined head wraps, turbans, and chemo caps are crucial. The satin lining in Loza Tam's head wraps are gentle against the scalp and won't irritate your already sensitive scalp. 

Sizing. You'll be surprised at how much additional volume hair can add to the circumference of your head. Making sure the chemo head wrap will provide the perfect fit is essential. Loza Tam's classic style turbans offer the perfect fit or your money back. If you have a small head circumference our turbans fit perfectly! 

Quality. Chemo Head wear that is crafted from light-weight, high quality fabrics are ideal. Itchy, low quality fabrics will irritate the scalp and skin around the scalp. Loza Tam's head wraps and turbans are made from premium quality fabrics sourced from Europe, West Africa, and Asia. 



“I recently lost my hair from chemo, as I battle through Breast Cancer. I've been gifted so many beautiful scarves, wraps, beanies, turbans, etc. This is by far my favorite.”


“Love my turban, so chic and elegant. Well made comfortable and breathable fabric.”


“I absolutely love my Turban. It is easy to put on (since I suffer from joint issues)”


head wraps for women cancer patients


Mustard Yellow Chemo Head Wrap For Women
Mustard Yellow Chemo Head Wrap For Women
saffron mustard turban for women
women's fashion turban head wrap
Mustard Turban Head Wrap
Chemo Head Cover For Women Experiencing Hair Loss or Balding
cancer turban for women
Mustard Turban Head Wrap fabric

Saffron Chemo Turban Head Wrap

Pretty chemo head wrap for women with cancer
Pretty chemo head wrap for women with cancer
Mulberry headwrap turban
Mulberry purple turban for women
Mulberry Turban Hat For Women
Mulberry Turban Hat For Women

Mulberry Classic Chemo Turban

Green Head Wrap For Women
Green Head Wrap For Women
Pistachio Green Chemo Head Wrap Turban Hat For Women
Pistachio Green Pre-Tied Chemo Turban For Women
pistachio green turban for women
pistachio turban head wrap chemo cap
pistachio turban head wrap fabric

Pistachio Turban Head Wrap

Red Satin lined headwrap for women; beautiful head wrap and chemo turban for women with cancer
Red Satin lined headwrap for women; beautiful head wrap and chemo turban for women with cancer
Red chemo turban head wrap for women
can white women wear head wraps cultural appropropriation
Scarlet Red Turban Hat For Women
Red turban for women fabric
red satin lined turban for women

Scarlet Red Chemo Cap



Loza Tam was born in 2016 out of a frustration that many women experience when it comes to looking for high quality head wraps. We wanted to create head wrap that would allow women to leave their homes feeling confident, protected and chic -- without the effort (or tutorials) or scalp irritation.

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