Front Knotted Turbans & Head Wraps

Pre-Tied Knotted Turbans

Our collection of satin-lined and pre-tied, front knotted turbans for women. Head wraps are satin-lined to protect the hair from moisture loss, hair breakage, and frizz. They are chic and stylish and have been featured in Allure, Self, and Refinery29. The turbans are pre-tied so you don’t have to tie it. Just place the front knot turban on your head like a hat! It’s easy and anyone can do it.

High Quality Knotted Turbans

Our front knot head wraps are satin-lined and don’t come with itchy seams on the inside. The satin lining is gentle on the scalp and won’t cause any irritation. The satin-lined, elastic band in the back keeps the turban secure on your head, so it won’t slip off. Turbans are made of 100% high quality cotton and hand crafted by women entrepreneurs in Ghana. The fit can be customized by tucking down the top to get a fit that’s right for you. Available in over 25+ solids and prints to uplift one’s spirit during a difficult time.