The key to professional head wraps: stylish, sophisticated and smart pairings.

Just like our previous routines and notions of what truly matters, our work wardrobe has gone through a serious overhaul this year. For us, that meant out with the old and in with the new, the “new” being the addition of classic staples and comfy chic pieces we’ll be wearing again & again. But there’s more to this than just examining which cigarette pants and blouses have staying power for our weekday wardrobe - there’s one easy addition that takes your look from average to elevated without sacrificing time. Yes, we’re talking about the magic of head wraps.

Head wrap styles for work can be tricky, though. It requires a careful balance of patterns, hues and shapes to match the polished professional look you’re trying to achieve. Plus, there’s the idea of choosing the right type of head wrap to begin with: professional head coverings are possible, as long as they check a few key boxes first. Obviously, you wouldn’t wear your sleep bonnet (unless it looks like these), so finding something in a flattering, elegant shape is top of mind. You want something that is dual purpose: one part chic, one part hair protection in the form of satin lining. And you want something comfortable yet luxurious; something you can confidently take from the boardroom to the bar for after work drinks.So what does this look like in the real world? Below are three styles we’re loving right now, each featuring our luxe line of cotton jersey, satin lined head wraps. Screen cap these for your Monday-Friday rotation. 


The Midnight Blue Top Knot Turban

From the moment you slip it on, the mysteriously stunning Midnight Blue Top Knot elicits a sense of intrigue: “Where’d she come from? And where’s she going?” It’s the type of confidence that needs no explanation - and with the right look, our favorite shadowy shade keeps everyone guessing. That potential client you’re trying to woo? They’ll love your sharp attention to detail with these thoughtful pairings (down to the shoes from Black Owned brand, Salon Monet.)

Head Wraps To Work
Navy blue satin lined head wrap. pre-tied turban hats to protect the hair and scalp. perfect chemo turban hats
Navy blue satin lined head wrap. pre-tied turban hats to protect the hair and scalp. perfect chemo turban hats
navy blue turban hat for women with satin lining for curly hair
Navy Blue Satin-Lined Tam Wrap

Navy Blue Satin-Lined Tam Wrap


Black Top Knot Turban 

It’s slim, polished, and it’s giving Head Boss in Charge. Go back in black with a look that doesn’t miss a beat, just like you. Busy schedule and catch-up meetings aside, going back to the office has its perks, and getting dressed up again is one of them. And when you get to rock a leather number with a sleek professional head wrap on top, you can’t say you didn’t miss the co-worker hype up. 

How To Wear Headwraps At Work
Black Silk Turban Head Wrap For Women With Natural Hair
Black Silk Turban Head Wrap For Women With Natural Hair
Black Satin Pre-Tied Headwrap
black satin headwrap for women
Satin Headwrap For Women With Curly Hair
Black Satin Hair Wrap For Women
black satin turban for women
satin black headwrap

Luxe Satin Black Front Knot Turban


Chambray Top Knot Turban

When you’re feeling the Monday morning fog, the last thing you want to do is think about putting yourself together. We don’t have the cure for that, but we do have some ideas on how to pull a rabbit out of your hat, outfit wise: long, loose layers and a fitted head wrap to match. Go ahead, tuck messy hair in like it never happened - this top knot is stretchy enough to fit it all while still staying structured and stylish. It’s an outfit that’s easy, elegant, and the right amount of cool. 

Are Headwraps Professional
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