African print, satin-lined headbands and turbans are the best accessories for natural hair. The satin lining protects your fragile strands and reduces moisture loss.

Satin-Lined, African print headbands can be worn in several different ways. Feel like wearing a funky up-do? Pull your curls up and forward, lightly secure with a curl-friendly hair tie and place the headband at the back of your head. Don’t worry, the satin lining won’t tug on your strands!

Need more hair style inspiration on how to wear headbands for curly hair? Check out Natural Hair Youtuber Nikki Mae of Natural Chica as she showcases 8 ways to wear the headbands on natural and curly hair. These are headband styles that are perfec for curly, coily or kinky-curly hair.

Headbands On Natural Hair

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Best Headbands For Natural Hair

Headbands for Curly Hair and Natural Hair

Satin-lined headbands are perfect for natural hair. The satin-lining protects the hair line and the hair from breakage and moisture loss. Plus, the materials can stand of the the density of naturally, curly hair. Voted best headbands for curly have by Curly Nikki.