Tips For Caring For Curly & Natural Hair

Curly hair is beautiful and versatile. One day you can wear a super defined curly style and the next week you can rock it straight with a blowout. Due to curly hair’s nature, maintenance and care can be a challenge. At every bend, curve, and coil, there is a risk for hair breakage. Because of all the twists and turns, the hair is more prone to tangles due to the “highly social” aspect of the hair. The individual strands “interact” with one another, and the next thing you know, there are tangles and knots. And to top it off, because of the shape of curly hair cuticles, sebum produced in the scalp has a difficult time traveling down to the ends of the hair. This leads to dry hair. And we all know dry, curly hair, means that it’s at risk for breakage. What’s a curly girl to do? Women with naturally curly hair have to take a different approach to their hair care routine. The team at Loza Tam has compiled a list of tips for caring for all types of natural curls.

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