Meet Self-Made Millionaire April

Meet Self-Made Millionaire April

Head Wraps For Natural Hair

(Pictured Wearing Bozomah Front Knot Turban)

Name: April

Hometown: Washington, D.C. 

Currently Living: Washington, D.C. 

Occupation: Systems Engineer Turned Personal Finance Coach 

Instagram: @aprilthemoneycoach

College: University of Pennsylvania 

 Tam: You’re an engineer by profession. How did you transition into personal finance coaching? 



Tam: What do you see as 3 of the biggest mistakes women make with money? 

April The Money Coach

(April's Recommended Reading)

Tam: Ok let’s talk about beauty and hair. When did you start wearing your locs? What was behind the decision to loc your hair?

AS: I began to loc my hair in 2007. I'd been wearing my hair natural since 2000 and grew tired of the maintenance associated with twists and twist-outs. So, I decided to loc for ease of maintenance, and because they’re beautiful.

Women's Kimono Jacket

 (Pictured Wearing Bamako Short Kimono)

Tam: What are some of your favorite beauty brands by women?

AS: I love Zuresh Body Products, Oyin Handmade, and BLK + GRN 

April Stewart Personal Finance Coach 

Tam: What are 3 things/people/experiences that are contributing to your happiness now?


1. Launching my financial coaching business has been both challenging and rewarding. It gives me joy to see that I can use my experience, expertise and talents to build something from scratch

2. Meditation training. I’m learning how to meditate, the right way. I’ve never understood meditation, but I’m now learning the science behind it - the benefits, how to train my mind and body to relax, how to transcend stress, etc. It’s very fascinating.

3. Being close to paying off my mortgage. Freeedommm! 


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Great video. I would love to hear more about the books that she recommends and tips on making your money work for you.


This was extremely inspiring and motivated me!!!


This is nice. You giving back to us with uplifting information. Thanks darling

Leonora Hunte,

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