3 More Stylish Hair Bonnet Options To Wear in Public

We discuss the controversial fashion topic of wearing hair bonnets in public. Is it OK? What are some alternatives to wearing hair bonnets in public?

September 7, 2021

hair bonnets to wear in public

Hair bonnets are more than just a functional hair accessory: they’re a lifestyle (and, importantly, a whole culture). And after a year of minimal socializing and zero dress codes, they’re increasingly vital as we navigate returning to our previously groomed, outward-facing personas.  

But not everyone agrees - you may have caught wind of comedienne and actress Mo’Nique’s recent rant against wearing bonnets in public, calling out “young queens” (Black women and femmes) for wearing them at the airport, grocery store, and other public venues while posing one pointed question: “when did we lose pride in representing ourselves?”. 


Although her opinion rang loudest, she’s hardly the first to echo this type of sentiment. Before her, there was already a long-running, heated debate about whether wearing a bonnet for work or outside the home at all was appropriate. On her side of the argument, it goes so far as to suggest that doing so is unprofessional, unsightly, and even “ghetto”. On the other hand, there are plenty of other people who believe that this rhetoric is just another way to unfairly police Black women on their appearance, all to fit a desired ideal image that is inherently anti-Black. 


Here’s our take on it: bonnets are worn for many reasons, and in our opinion, none of them have to do with being unkempt. Silk bonnets help protect our hair and lock in moisture, as well as preserve braids and blowouts for much longer than usual.

Sometimes our hair isn’t ready for the public eye due to busy schedules or demanding home lives, and the best option is to conceal it with a chic and stylish covering that isn’t just a hat.

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They’ve become especially helpful as work and home life intersected at an all-time high in the last year, presenting a quick and easy way to look put together for a Zoom meeting at the drop of a hat.

Women, and especially Black women, don’t need to adhere to any “standard” of appearance, and especially not when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Our hair is beautiful, unique and intricate, and however we choose to present it or ourselves to the world should be embraced without question. And with so many fashionable choices available, it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to wear a bonnet in public anyway. So who really has the authority to tell you not to?

Ok - now that that’s settled, let’s get to the fun part: let’s talk options. There are plenty of gorgeous, satin-lined bonnets to choose from in our expansive luxury collection, but we managed to narrow it down to a few favorites just for you. These coverings are ready to ride with you to the store, in-office or to after school meetings, keeping you looking refreshed and confident while completing any outfit (yes, even pajamas, Mo’Nique!). Jump back in the fashion pool with three trendy hair bonnets to wear in public, guaranteed to make a big splash wherever you go. 

Don’t let the hue fool you - pumpkin isn’t just for autumn. A style this good deserves year-round appreciation and, like you, it’s ready to make up for lost time. Seamlessly slipping into your fave shades, it pairs nicely with smart sets or cool tees and denim. Comfy, yet elegant enough to impress during backyard bbqs, trips to the farmers market and back-to-back meetings. 

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Darling, want more recs? Take our quick personal style quiz! It’s like your trendy BFF: the one who listens and knows exactly what you’re looking for to feel the most chic and confident.

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