10 Holiday Gifts To Buy For Yourself

10 Holiday Gifts To Buy For Yourself

Holiday Gift Guide For Women, Naturalistas, and Women Owned Brands

The holidays are among us, but before you start your holiday shopping here's a list of not so basic items that you'll undoubtedly want to score for yourself. After all, you didn't get to take advantage of as many self care days as you needed, so consider this a little much needed retail therapy. 

Plus, every brand on is owned and led by a woman. 


For The Lipstick Lova (Plus, 20% Off)

 best lipsticks for dry lips

It's no stranger that we absolutely love Marie Hunter Beauty's lipsticks. The ultra hydrating, retro matte formulas and sleek packaging is sheer luxury. The quality of these lipsticks can stand up against any high end department store brand without drying out your lips. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Use code LOZA20 to save 20% off any lipstick. Offer expires January 1, 2020.  

Boss Lady Intense Matte Lipstick ($24)


For The Woman on The Move


 best gift for natural hair head wrap

Life can get pretty busy and sometimes that means our hair doesn't always gets the attention it deserves. Our satin-lined head wraps are the perfect go-to accessory for when you're on the move and need to look and feel put together --whether it's a quick trip to the grocery store or a 10 hour flight to Accra. Plus, all of our products are hand sewn in Ghana by women entrepreneurs. That's something we're extremely proud of. What's our favorite head wrap? A mother can never choose among her children. Collect them ALL. 

Satin-Lined Head Wraps & Turbans ($48 - $55) 


For The Naturalista



 Treat your curls and coils to a special treat on wash day with Anita Grant's Rhassoul Clay conditioning bars. This UK brand is known among Youtubers as a the cream of the cream of high end hair care. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and MADE TO ORDER ensuring maximum freshness. 

Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay Deep Conditioning Bars ($7.69)



 While we tend to be finger combers when it comes to detangling our curls and coils, we make an exception when it comes to celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood's detangling brush. It's unique design makes detangling a breeze and parts through our curls in a "snap" -- no pun intended. 

Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush in Pink ($14) 


For The Product Junkie



best gift for natural hair conditioner luvnaturals 

We know! We know! If we see another natural hair brand, we'll scream. But this one is totallllyyyyy different. Started by Youtuber - Kimmaytube - this line of hair care products cares for textured hair like none other. It's non-toxic and pH balanced formulations are at the center of the brand's ethos. This has been in our wash day rotation since this Summer and we haven't had our curls have never popped more. 

Luv Naturals Sample Kit ($30)


For The Conscious & Green Beauty 

best green beauty gifts 

Not exactly sure what to get yourself but know you're in the mood for a treat? BLK & GRN is like an all natural marketplace that retails everything from nontoxic feminine hygiene care products to vegan nail polish -- all created by women. Its founder Dr. Kristian Henderson hand selects every single product herself. Their gift cards are perfect for that picky girlfriend who is incredibly difficult to shop for. 

BLK + GRN Gift Card ($50) 


For The Fashionista


 best gifts for fashionistas

We love a good chunky cardigan! The mustard Miya Cardigan by emerging US based, Congolese fashion brand Hanifa is the most fabulous piece you'll own this Winter. It made from Korean acrylic yard and comes in 4 jewel toned colors. Get one for you and one for a well-deserving friend. 

Miya Cardigan in Mustard ($139)


 cute and affordable jewelry for gifts

A pair of statement earrings can turn blue jeans and a white tee into brunch appropriate attire. Marked by Mull is our go to online boutique for affordable accessories when we need to give our outfit a bit more je ne sais quoi. 

Iris Statement Earrings ($20)


For The Skincare Aficionado 

best moisturizer for sensitive skin 

The is the BEST facial moisturizer we've used hands down! Apparently lot of others agree with us, as Base Butter's Radiate Face Jelly stays out of stock. If you do manage to get your hands on this light weight but supremely hydrating facial moisturizer, one STOCK UP! 

#1 Radiate Face Jelly: Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer ( $21)



 holiday gift guide 2019 - skincare

 We've long since abandoned the use of wash cloths and sugar scrubs to exfoliate our skin in the shower. Instead, we use a mesh body exfoliator frequently used in West Africa to slough off dead skin cells that can reduce the skin's ability to absorb moisture. This magical bath cloth will leave your skin feeling like a baby's -- soft and supple. 

Luv Scrub in Made You Blush ($18) 


For The Foodie

 best gift for tea lovers

An amazing cup of tea can help you relax in the middle of the workday even as you're sitting in your office with a ton to do. Brooklyn Tea has a great selection of high quality, loose leaf tea sourced responsibly from all over the world. If you're ever in Brooklyn, stop in for a fresh cup. It's a cozy spot to relax. 

Masala Chai Tea 6oz Tin ($29.99)


best gift for foodies who like popcorn

We admit it. We're popcorn snobs (covers eyes). Kay's Kettle Corn is made to order, gourmet popcorn that's so yummy you'll want to sneak it into the movies.

Kay's Kettle Corn Large Bag ($10)

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