Pre-tied head wraps for women are lined in satin. The head wraps are easy to wear. No more watching tutorials on how to tie head wraps. Just place them on your head like a hat! The satin-lining of the head wraps protect your hair from frizz, breakage and moisture loss. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to tie our head wraps.

Stylish Head Wraps For Women

Satin-Lined & Pre-tied African head wraps are the perfect way to protect your hair and look uber chic. All of our head wraps are pre-tied, so all you have to do is place it on your head like a hat. Head wraps are for natural hair or any hair type. Plus, the satin-lining of the turban head wraps makes it gentle on the hair, eliminating frizz, moisture loss and breakage. Head wraps are great to wear during the winter and summer months, as they provide a fashionable option to disguise a bad hair day, deep condition on the go, or look fab if you have a busy day planned.

Head Wrap Scarves & Turbans

Our Head Wrap Scarves & Turbans are a favorite among beauty and fashion editors at Refinery29, Curly Nikki, and Byrdie Magazine. The best thing about our turbans and head wrap scarves is that you don’t have to know how to tie a head wrap to wear it. It comes pre-tied! You get the look of a head wrap without the effort of tying it. Our turbans are come in over 25+ bold prints and solid colors and are available in two sizes – Regular and Large. Turbans are the perfect hair accessory to throw on to provide poolside elegance while looking like a wealthy widow on vacation in Sao Tome.