Turbans are a great way to diguise hair loss due to cancer or other medical conditions.

Satin-Lined turbans are perfect for cancer patients as the satin is gentle against the scalp. This means the chemo turban won't cause any irritation to the sensitive scalp areas.



Turbans For Cancer Patients

Chemo Turbans & Head Wraps For Hair Loss

Our collection of satin-lined chemo turbans & head wraps are perfect for those experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia or other medical condition. The satin lining of our head wrap turbans are gentle on the scalp and are perfect for everyday wear. They are chic and stylish and have been featured in Allure, Self, and Refinery29. The turbans are pre-tied so you don’t have to tie it. Just place it on your head like a hat! It’s easy and anyone can do it.