Chemo Head Wraps

Our satin-lined, chemo head wraps are designed for style and optimal comfort for those affected by cancer. The head wraps are pre-tied -- just place them on like at hat!

What Our Customers Say

Satin lining is gentle against the scalp and will help to protect existing hair against additional breakage.

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Chemo Head Wraps & Turbans For Cancer Patients

One of the terrible side affects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Our satin-lined chemo head wraps are a perfect way to disguise hair loss and still look chic. Our chemo head wraps are available in over 20+ prints and colors and crafted from the highest quality fabrics. The satin-lining in the head wraps are gentle against the scalp and helps to protect against damage of existing hair. The head wraps are perfect to sleep in or wear to an event.