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Your Summer Netflix Binge-a-thon

The hustle and bustle of summertime activities can tire anyone out. When it’s time to unwind and recharge, Netflix is a girl’s best friend. Chill out under the covers with a comfy turban, your favorite snack, some cozy socks, and these ten binge-worthy shows.

1. She’s Gotta Have It

spike lee series(Photo courtesy of @ShesGottaHaveItNetflix)

This Netflix original is Spike Lee’s remake of his 1986 film of the same name. It follows a sexually liberated artist named Nola Darling as she juggles three open relationships. A noteworthy soundtrack, striking artwork, and provocative dialogue are just a few reasons to give this one a watch. Set against the diverse backdrop of Brooklyn, She’s Gotta Have It is a show for modern-day feminists and the open-minded.


2. Jane the Virgin

netflix show jane the virgin(Photo courtesy of @cwjanethevirgin)

This quirky romance pays homage to telenovelas in the most delightful and dramatic way possible. Jane is a twenty-something virgin and proud Latina saving herself for marriage. Accidental artificial insemination occurs in what should have been a routine vaginal check-up for Jane. The show follows the pregnant Jane’s romantic entanglements and emphasizes the strong bond she shares with her mother and grandmother.


3. Vikings

vikings netflix show(Photo courtesy of @Vikings)

Waiting for Game of Thrones’ final season sucks. Vikings is here to help you pass the time. Badassery abounds in this action-packed historical fiction. Inspired by the stories of real-life viking Ragnar Lothbrok, the show follows him and his people on their journeys across the seas. War and bloodbaths follow wherever they go.


4. Black Lightning

black lightning netflix show(Photo courtesy of @CWBlackLightning)

 In a world that’s all about Wakanda, other black superheroes tend to get overlooked. Black Lightning follows a retired superhero with electrical powers. His retirement is cut short by a gang known as The 100 plaguing his community with crime. With its entertaining premise and great depiction of a strong family, this show is one to watch.


5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

unbreakable kimmy schmidt netflix show(Photo courtesy of @UnbreakableKimmySchmidt)

Kimmy’s name may be in the title but make no mistake: Titus Andromedon is the real star of this Netflix original comedy. After getting rescued from being held in a bunker for fifteen years, Kimmy roommates with Titus. The show highlights her bubbly personality and upbeat attitude as she adjusts to living in modern-day New York.


6. The Good Place

the good place netflix show(Photo courtesy of @NBCTheGoodPlace)

Ever wondered what happens after you die? The Good Place explores one theory. After dying, Eleanor Shellstrop awakens in what’s called “the good place,” where everything is essentially perfect. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t belong there. Eleanor attempts to earn her mistaken spot in “the good place” by learning to be a better person with the help of friends she makes along the way.


7. Nailed It

nailed it netflix show(Photo courtesy of @NailedIt)

This Netflix original is perfect for bingeing with its short and (literally) sweet episodes. Hosted by the charismatic Nicole Byer, the reality competition show has three home bakers try to recreate elaborate baked goods. There are new competitors and winners every episode, adding to the show’s easy-to-watch vibe.


8. Outlander

outlander netflix show(Photo courtesy @OutlanderTVSeries.starz)

If you were never a hopeless romantic, you will be after watching this series. Claire Randall is a happily married English nurse in 1945. She is magically transported to 1743 Scotland and meets the handsome Jacobite warrior James Fraser. Claire finds herself torn between him and her love for her husband, whom she might never get back to.


9. Black Mirror

black mirror netflix show(Photo courtesy of @BlackMirrorNetflix)

Black Mirror expertly uses science fiction as a means of social commentary. Each episode features a new cast and a new storyline, often critiquing a negative aspect of humanity. The show feels frighteningly close to reality even with all the technological advancements. This, stellar performances, and unique plotlines work to make the show very compelling.


10. Stranger Things

stranger things netflix show(Photo courtesy of @StrangerThingsTV)

Frankly, if you haven’t seen this series yet, what have you been doing? One of Netflix’s most hyped shows, Stranger Things has received boatloads of attention. Featuring a talented cast of young actors, the sci-fi show follows a group of nerdy teen boys. One of the group disappears on the same night that a mysterious girl with telekinesis named Eleven escapes a suspicious facility. The boys and Eleven join forces to find Will and form a strong friendship along the way.