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Yodit Bets On Herself

Wedding planner to the well-heeled women of Washington, DC – Yodit Grebreyes Endale – sits down with Tam at The Wing DC to discuss life, lessons learned, and of course hair.

Yodit Gebreyes - Wedding Planner DC

Shown in Loza Tam Mustard Osu Head Wrap Turban

Photos By Lauren Scott of Tickled Photo Booth

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself. 

Yodit: Hey there! I’m Yodit Gebreyes Endale and I’m a believer, a doer and lover of all things fun and fab! I’m originally from Northern Virginia but have family roots from Ethiopia. I’m the Owner & Principal Planner at Favored by Yodit Events & Design a stylish special events firm based in the Washington, DC area that serves clients all over the world, specializing in full service event planning, event design, branding and coordination services.

How Did You Get Started In Event Planning? 

Yodit: After years of building a strong reputation of executing high quality nightlife events through brand networking and relationship building, I decided I wanted to see where my talents could take me in a new industry and that’s what has lead me to where I am now focusing on social, corporate and wedding events.

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Do You Wear Headwraps or Turbans?

Yodit: I’m more of a head wrap girl but after this photoshoot Im loving turbans!!

3 Things Tips For Your 22 Year Old Self.

Yodit: 1.) Career: Always work hard, bet on yourself  2.) Just go for it! The worst thing is you fail and dust yourself off and do something else.  3.) Love: Don’t fall in love with another person’s love story.

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Describe Your Hair Care Routine.

Yodit: In September, I decided to cut off about 5 inches of dead hair caused by excessive heat damage from straightening too much. Now that I’m trying to grow out my curls, I’m learning how to love and take care of my natural hair. Through the years, I’ve tried loads of curly hair products to tame frizz and help my curls stay moisturized but never had that much luck so I would opt for a flat iron instead. Now that there are so many curly hair queens on Instagram, I just follow ones that have a similar texture to mine and follow their steps to make my own routine. Since my hair is prone to frizz, I only shampoo my hair once per week using an Intense Repair Shampoo or Eden Coconut Cleansing CoWash and rinse with warm water, followed by As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner or Amika Nourishing Hair Mask. To detangle, I comb the conditioning masque through my hair with a wide tooth comb, massage from scalp to ends for 3-5 minutes and rinse with cold water. In-between weekly shampoos, I condition or oil my scalp every 2-3 days on average.

After allowing my hair to towel dry (I use a microfiber towel) for 5 minutes, I generously apply oil first and then Curls Blueberry Bliss Gel from roots to ends, lightly coating large sections of my hair at a time. After a couple hours of air drying in a top knot or bun, I let my hair down and go. To refresh my curls between washes, I add water to frizzy areas and apply a small amount of gel to reshape curls and minimize frizz. If all else fails, I apply gel and brush my hair to a sleek high bun or middle part pony. Then, call it a day.

Where Can We Follow Your Event Filled Life?

Yodit: You can visit my website at FavoredbyYodit.com. Or on social media @Favoredbyyodit (on all platforms)

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