alina baraz

Travel Playlist by DJ Franky J (

Whether you’re on one airplane after another or taking a road trip, everyone’s got places to go once summer hits.

alina baraz

Playlist Created by DJ Franky J

Those long travelling hours can go by faster with some rhythmic tunes. We’ve enlisted the talented DJ Franky J to curate a playlist of travel music featuring Alina Baraz, Big Pun, A$AP Rocky, and Qveen Herby to keep you company on your trip. Which song is your summer jam? Comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Travel Playlist by DJ Franky J (

  1. Tamarr says:

    Is it DJ Franky or just a picture of a beautiful woman sitting, head turned toward us? It says “colors of you”
    Come on.. a beautiful woman yes. But the pose, the way the dress is placed .. it looks likes she’s sitting on a toilet. Not appealing.

    1. Franky J says:

      It’s DJ Franky J and it’s me, I’m not sitting on a toilet. Lmao! Get into the tunes and enjoy your day. 😉

    2. Samantha says:

      It’s the album cover for one of the songs in the playlist.

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