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Seattle Hot Spots

Sometimes, all a girl needs is time with herself and some TLC. Ladies, don’t be afraid to hit the road on and take a solo vacay. It’s the best time to practice that much needed self care. Seattle is the PERFECT place to to relax and be pampered like while still treating yourself to a awesome trip. Here are five places to visit when you decide to pop over to the Emerald City.


1. Nordstrom’s Flagship Store

nordstrom(Photo courtesy of SeattleMet)

Go on a shopping spree in Nordstrom’s very first store, still open to this day. Many have raved about the service at this location, calling it the best one there is. Not to mention, the store itself is gorgeous, featuring its own bar and cafe. So, splurge on that dress you know would look bomb with your turban or that pair of gold hoops you’ve been holding out on. You deserve it.


2. Julep Nail Parlor

julep nail salon(Photo courtesy of Beautypendence)

 This is one of the best places in Seattle to give your body that bounce-back it’s been craving. From back massages to facials to pedicures to exfoliating sugar scrubs, Julep Nail Parlor will leave you feeling like a brand-new woman. Sit back in a comfy chair and enjoy the welcoming ambiance as you have your feet rubbed with thermal red pepper oil. Don’t forget to pick a bright summer nail polish for your manicure.


3. Northwest African American Museum

african american museum in seattle(Photo courtesy of Crosscut)

Black history has been grossly neglected by the American education system, so make it your job to learn some things for yourself. Seattle’s Northwest African American Museum is the ideal spot for exposing yourself to underrated and well-known black historical figures alike. Check out Jessica Rycheal’s photography series, “Everyday Black,” or learn about Seattle’s Black Panther Party Chapter. Whichever you decide, you’re bound to leave this museum a more enlightened woman, and that’s never a bad thing.


4. Elliot Bay Book Company

elliot bay bookstore (Photo courtesy of Elliot Bay Book Company)

 Ain’t no bookstore like an indie bookstore. For all the Seattle-bound readers, you just might find heaven on earth in the Elliot Bay Book Company. Stock up on those summer reads you’ve been craving or just take in the bountiful shelves and genuine atmosphere. Barnes and Noble’s got nothing on this. You can even grab an audiobook for some entertainment on the drive home.


5. Pretty Parlor Vintage Boutique

pretty parlor vintage boutique(Photo courtesy of Pretty Parlor)

 Out with the new and in with the old! Pretty Parlor is here to bring your Audrey Hepburn and Diahann Carroll dreams to life. Look like a 60s diva in a graceful turban and vintage dress combo bound to make you feel like a million bucks without the crazy price tag. The selection here is breathtaking and for a diverse range of body types, with sizes going up to 3x. Take in the quirky-chic décor and be transported to the most iconic ages of fashion.

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