how to tie a head wrap

How To Tie A Head Wrap

A head wrap hack that will have your head wrap tied in less than 2 minutes. We promise!

How many times have you googled “how to tie a head wrap?” The tutorials online looked simple enough, right? Fold, tuck, tie, wrap, and roll. In that order. Once alone in your mirror with only 15 minutes to get out the door, the steps became awfully complicated. Which way was it again – tuck, tie, roll, wrap? In addition to that, you can’t find your satin scarf to place under the head wrap, so it won’t dry your hair out. Ugghhh!

Don’t worry! We’ve been through this too. That’s why we created the pre-tied & satin-lined head wrap so you’ll never have to tie a head wrap again. Plus, the satin lining prevents frizz, moisture loss, and breakage caused by most head wraps on the market. Follow the steps below to take the short cut to tying a head wrap.

Step 1: Style your hair the way that you plan on wearing it while under the head wrap. If you want to cover your hair completely, then make sure that its tightly rolled and pinned.

Step 2: Grab your favorite pre-tied & satin-lined head wrap turban by Loza Tam (shameless plug) and place it on your head like a hat.

Step 3: Tuck the head wrap down in the back to adjust the fit on your head.

Step 4: Smile and Slay

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