The holiday season is almost among us. If you have a women with natural hair in your life, then you want to make sure to gift her products that will care and protect her curls, kinks, waves, or coils. It shows that you support her in her natural hair journey to resist mainstream media’s standard of beauty. Embracing one’s natural hair can come with a lot of up’s and down’s and having the right products and information makes the journey much easier.

We’ve compiled a guide of the top 3 gifts for women with natural hair.

1. Satin-Lined Head Wrap

A satin-lined head wrap will be a must have item on a natural’s holiday wish list. Satin is a natural’s best friend. We’ve taken the two items that women with natural hair love the most and combined them into a single product — head wraps and satin. Our satin head wraps reduce frizz, split ends, moisture loss, and allows her to disguise a bad hair day or a twist out that hasn’t set yet. Satin-lined head wraps are perfect for all natural hair types and are easy to wear. Just place it on your head like a hat!

Geometric Print Satin-Lined Head Wrap, $45,

2. Travel Hair Products by Briogeo


It’s no secret that we are super fans of Briogeo hair products. We absolutely love the Don’t Despair, Repair line of products. The line is amazing for those with dry, brittle hair, and EVERY naturalista can use moisture from the rosehip oil formulated throughout the products. The full sized products can be a bit pricey, but the travel size is great way to test out the products. This is the perfect travel kit for your jet-setting, natural-haired bestie.

Repair On The Go Travel Kit, $25,

3. Cellphone Case By Eeni


Eeni is a globe-setting, fictional character with amazing natural hair and style. She’s #blackgirlmagic  and #lifegoals squared. We collect her cellphones cases and have gifted a few to our friends. They are always a hit, and usually results in our friends quickly discarding their current cellphone case for the newly gifted one. The cellphone cases are available for iPhones and Samsung.

Globetrotter iPhone Case, $35,