How To Get Up To 3rd Day Hair

A great hair day sometimes is JUST that — a great hair day. Meaning it’s ONE day. But it’s totally possible to get up to Day 3 hair with minimal effort. Here are three tips to take a great hair day into great hair days.


1. Headbands

polka dot turban headband turban headband hair accessory womens-headband

Headbands are an easy way to cover dirty or oily hair. Just take your hair and place it in a messy pony tail and slide a headband on. Make sure it’s a non-slip, satin-lined headband to prevent breakage and frizz around the hairline, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. Textured hair can be prone to breakage when there’s product build up.


2. Messy Bun


The messy bun has been made famous by busy moms, fashionistas, and most recently Meagan Markle. It’s a way to get out of the house quick with minimal effort. Plus, it’s a low key protective style, so you can look chic without looking like you put in too much effort. There are tons of options of hair buns on the market. Just be careful of the hair buns constructed from mesh, as they can rip your hair out. We recommend satin hair buns.


3. Hair Wraps/Turbans

womens-turban knot-african-print-turban

Hair Wraps & Turbans are great option to get up to 3rd day hair. Turbans allow you to completely cover your hair. If you have fine hair which prone to getting oily and limp, you can completely disguise it. Hair with more texture can keep more moisture in the hair satin-lined turbans, which also means less split ends, breakage and frizz.