[VIDEO] Disabilities & Fashion

Watch as disabled Youtuber, Lauren, shows us how she rocks her satin-lined hair wrap in her wheel chair.

(Video & Images Courtesy Of Sitting Pretty Pretty Lolo)

Video Transcript
sitting pretty baby what is up everybody
welcome back to sitting pretty it’s your
girl Lolo and today we have another
accessibility review as you guys know I
have been consistently coming across
products that I find to be accessible
for people with disabilities and people
who are owners of products have been
reaching out to have me tested products
to see if they are accessible or they
encouraged me and said that hey we think
that this would be an accessible product
would you like to try it out they all
know fashion is a big part of my life I
love fashion I love clothes
I love patterns I love textures I love
colors I love black I love everything
doing with fashion and clothes so a
company reached out to me called Loza
tan and what they do is make pre-wrapped
turbans for easy use for protective
styles of your hair if you have curls
like myself and you want to keep them
protected in the at night or during the
day they make these really fashionable
turbans and so I really was excited
about this because I’ve never worn
determine I’ve worn head wraps before
but I don’t have much strength in my
arms and in my hands and wrapping your
hair with like a long scarf or a long
piece of cloth it’s very very
challenging mind you I have not tried
this product yet this is my first time
trying it which is what I always like to
do with products unless for whatever
reason it causes me to try it out before
actually reviewing it on camera like the
perfect pleasure cushion but given the
nature of that product what I really
really loved is this card that came with
it you guys can see it I thought it was
such a cute piece of art and her
necklace says magic
it’s such a cute piece of art and on the
back it says here’s to queening dope
prints protective styles bomb twist out
and all satin everything spelt
everything this is the turban they sent
me which I thought was really really
cute and they’re handmade and
hand-stitched and all of that I love the
colors just look at the colors the
colors are just so pretty
and as you can see they are lined with
satin and if you are naturally still
like myself you know satin is necessary
you see those black pillows on that bed
those are satin pillowcases okay because
I would wrap my hair up every night and
I need my girls to stay protected as
best as possible when I’m lazy I’m just
go keep one on it now I’m gonna try and
figure out how to put it on this is
obviously the front and this is the back
where it’s kind of crushing up so let’s
see hope I don’t get too much makeup on
and then just like that you’ve got your
turban on oh my gosh this is really cute
hot oh wait a minute let me just revel
in this for a sec this is really really
cute oh my gosh this is good for a bad
hair day oh my gosh if I haven’t had my
hair cut a long time which I have it so
this is like perfect what I love is that
it’s not tight right here normally like
when you wear hats or beanies or stuff
sometimes it can be really tight on the
scenes and like suffocate your ear and
then like block the blood flow to your
ear and then will start to hurt but this
is really comfortable it’s just like
really light but it feels secure like I
can do this I can do this in this bug
ain’t going nowhere I love it
the don’t think that I noticed about
having this product is that when you
sign up for the mailing list they are
constantly sending tutorials and you
know pictures and stuff like that on how
to use the wraps how to style the wraps
it’s good to get those tutorials and
those fashion inspirations so that way
you can feel confident wearing your head
wrap out and knowing you know how to
wear it now I did come across the
tutorial so you see how its bunched up
right here they did have a tutorial that
show now I mind it to be honest but you
know I guess it could come off a little
tighter so they had a tutorial where
they basically say just pull the cloth
back to tighten it and kind of just kind
of tuck and fold so you see how I’m
tucking it right here and I’m tucking it
on this side and then that way the big
extra big hump that was sitting right
there isn’t there anymore you see
now let’s fold it down real cute oh my
gosh those a Tam you are good with me
honey this is perfect and this is such a
great great accessible product for women
that wear their hair out women would not
reveal oh you don’t have much hair like
myself I don’t have much hair but this
is such a great product because it
protects your head it’s very warm it’s
very comfortable it’s not too tight so
you can wear it all day long they say
you could even wear it to sleep to
protect your hair if you want and you
don’t have to struggle with pulling it
twisting it around doing this folding
this keeping this in place like no you
just throw it on tighten up the cloth on
the top you know pull it back a little
bit and you’re ready to go it is very
fashionable very unique print I love it
I love it I love it I love it and I love
how accessible that is if you guys love
this product leave a comment below like
this video share this video and if you
have any other suggestions of
fashionable accessible products because
know that’s what I’m all about then
please leave a comment below I am just
really really really really excited
about this product thank you everyone
and until next time it’s sitting pretty
baby peace

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  1. Teal Clark says:

    Even though I love Liza Tams Turbans and headbands! The sitting pretty video made me luv the product more❤️

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