Turban Hats

Quality turban hats handcrafted by women entrepreneurs in Ghana. Our turbans hats are pre-tied and lined in satin. Just place the turban on your head like a hat. The satin-lining of the turban hat prevent frizz, hair breakage, and moisture loss. Women’s turban hats are available in regular or large sizes.

Turban hats have made a comeback and are super easy and stylish to wear. Place the turban hat on your head and tuck your hair underneath for an easy protective style. The satin-lining of the turban hat will protect your hair from snags, frizz, and moisture loss. Most turban hats on the market only look stylish but do not offer the added benefit of hair protection.

Turban hats can be worn with the hair loose with loose, beachy waves for a boho chic style. The turban hats are available in over 20+ bold colors and prints to express your style. Turban hats are great to disguise a bad hair day or protect your hair from the elements.

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