Turbans are the perfect way to disguise a bad hair, extend time between a wash day (less shampooing), keep the hair covered for religious reasons, or add a little extra to a boring outfit. Turbans and hair wraps have been worn for centuries by men and women of various cultures for religious, cultural and practical reasons. Recently, turbans have re-emerged on the catwalks of many designer fashion shows.

We have made a few updates to the turban by adding satin lining and making it pre-tied. This makes it more comfortable, stylist, and easier to to wear -- just place the turban on your head like a hat!



Turban For Women

Our turbans and hair wraps are constructed from high quality fabrics. We offer over 50+ turban styles. All of our turbans are handcrafted in Ghana by women entrepreneurs. Channel your inner wealthy widow vibes with chic, luxe turbans from Loza Tam!