5 Beautiful Pre-Tied Head Scarves You Don't Have To Tie

Pre-tied head scarves and head covers are a great option for women on the go. We showcase 5 beautiful pre-tied head scarves that don't require you to tie. 

September 9, 2021

pre tied head scarves for women

Pre-tied head scarves are an absolute time saver for women who are busy or due to medical reasons like chemo or joint challenges make looking and feeling amazing at a moment's notice a breeze.

Instead of tying head scarves by hand and watching tutorials, pre-tied head scarves allows the wearer to slip it on like a hat. It's easy and anyone can achieve style in an instant. Pre-tied head scarves can be easily slipped on the head without the need to watch "how to tie head scarf" tutorials as you make your way to the airport, grocery store, and other public venues looking effortlessly chic and stylish. Plus, all of Loza Tam's pre-tied head scarves are crafted from premium fabrics that optimize fit and comfort and are lined in high quality satin to protect the hair and scalp from frizz, irritation, breakage and dryness. 



There are tons of pre-tied head scarves on the market that are made from low quality fabrics with itchy seams. These fabrics absorb the moisture from your hair strands and can cause scalp irritation. 

The best pre-tied head scarves are crafted from premium fabrics that are comfortable enough for all day wear and will protect your hair and scalp from dryness and irritation. Our pre-tied head scarves are lined in a high quality satin that cocoons your strands and protects your scalp. 


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Loza Tam was born in 2016 out of a frustration that many women experience when it comes to looking for high quality head wraps. We wanted to create pre-tied head scarves that would allow women to leave their homes feeling confident, protected and chic -- without the effort (or tutorials) or scalp irritation. We're a Black owned pre-tied head scarf brand that takes pride in elevating the style of the everyday woman. 

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