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Mustard Yellow Head Wrap Headband
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Red Satin-lined Headband
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Royal Blue Head Wrap Headband
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Pumpkin Turban Head Wrap
Shop our collection of satin-lined, head wrap headbands for women. Our non-slip women’s headbands stays secured on your head with an elastic band and are perfect for all hair types and hair lengths. The satin lining prevents frizz, breakage and moisture loss, while the elastic band keeps the headband secure on your head (no slipping!). Each headband is available in two sizes — wide headbands and extra wide headbands. Headbands for women are perfect to wear to yoga class, spin, add extra flair to your outfit or disguise a bad hair day.
Voted as “Best Headbands for Natural Hair” by Curly Nikki! Loza Tam Headbands are perfect for all hair types & hair lengths.