Dry Hair Survival Guide

Tips to have more good hair days in 2021

LozaTam - Mar 01 2021

Whether your resolution is to deep condition once a week or try a bold new hair color, we’re here with tips to set your hair up for it’s best year yet.

Mask Up. Wind, sun, cold weather, indoor heating….your hair faces loads of environmental stressors each day. We recommend using a hydrating, deep conditioning mask treatment at least once a week - especially during the winter - to restore your hair’s suppleness. Top of your conditioner with a front knot turban so you can deep condition on the go.

Wrap it Up. Every Superwoman needs a sidekick and our turbans are it. Loza Tam turbans are perfect for locking in hydration and protecting your hair from harsh conditions. #WINNING!

Ways to convert your traffic to sales

To make your blog an effective sales machine, integrate your product into your content in a way that doesn’t scream BUY, BUY, BUY. Here are five steps to provide relevant information and eye-candy to lure readers in and help convert blog posts to sales receipts.

Provide useful, relevant information. Show prospects how to use your product, give them instructions or how-tos, and/or entertain them.

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Include a variety of different forms of content. Photographs and videos are particularly important because readers tend to be visual and want to see your product in action.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

Make it easy to buy by eliminating stumbling blocks to purchase. Don’t assume customers know which item you’re talking about in your post. Provide a link directly to the product page or just link the product to your blog so they can buy if they want. If it relevant give readers more than one way to get to the product.

Mustard Yellow Chemo Head Wrap For Women
Mustard Yellow Chemo Head Wrap For Women
saffron mustard turban for women
women's fashion turban head wrap
Mustard Turban Head Wrap
Chemo Head Cover For Women Experiencing Hair Loss or Balding
cancer turban for women
Mustard Turban Head Wrap fabric

Saffron Turban Head Wrap

Wine Satin-Lined Headwrap For Women
Wine Satin-Lined Headwrap For Women
Mulberry headwrap turban
Mulberry purple turban for women
Mulberry Turban Hat For Women
Mulberry Turban Hat For Women

Mulberry Classic Turban

Green Head Wrap For Women
Green Head Wrap For Women
Pistachio Green Chemo Head Wrap Turban Hat For Women
Pistachio Green Pre-Tied Chemo Turban For Women
pistachio green turban for women
pistachio turban head wrap chemo cap
pistachio turban head wrap fabric

Pistachio Turban Head Wrap


Article credit : Heidi Cohen ( https://heidicohen.com/use-blog-to-sell/ )