It all started with a hair obsession, a trip to Ghana, and a Bikram yoga class.

While in Ghana, the bold, colorful prints caught my eye, but it wasn’t until an attempt at a downward dog did a light bulb come on. As my hair and I were in a downward dog, I wondered if there was something that could keep my hair back that wouldn’t tug at my hair strands. After several unsuccessful Google searches, I decided I would create it myself.  Loza Tam products are created for the girl with kinks, coils, or waves, looking to disguise a bad hair day, dress up a basic pony, or look cute while sweating it out at the gym (or yoga). All while protecting your hair.

All products are handmade in Ghana by women entrepreneurs.

I hope you love the headbands, as much as my team and I love creating them. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note ([email protected]).