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5 Super-Quick Lazy Day Hairstyles For When You #CantEven

For the lady on-the-go, having an arsenal of quick and easy styles is essential. Who can be bothered with a complicated, time-consuming hair routine? Here are five lazy day hairstyles for when you’re feeling burned out and #lazyAF but don’t want to look like your mood.

1. The High Bun

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Source: @loza_tam

Woke up with your hair all over the place after a restless night? The high bun will get a handle on your hair fast. Simply pull your hair up high and tuck the ends into an elegant bun for a cute style that is also protective. For added chicness, slide on one of Loza Tam’s African print headbands to freshen the look.

2. The Outfitted Pineapple

African Print Headband

Source: @loza_tam

The pineapple hairdo is like a Swiss Army Knife. It does everything from keeping our curls coiffed while we catch some winks to being a funky one-step hairdo for a night out on the town. It’s also the perfect style when you just don’t feel like putting in effort. Gather your hair on top of your head with a hair tie so that your curls hang down. A Loza Tam head-wrap headband will step it up a notch for more fashion-forward style.

3. Twists Without a Fit

Source: @toya1825

Twists are the answer for lazy mornings when you just can’t. Micro-twists are perfect for when you want to go few weeks without dealing with your locs. Once installed they can last for awhile. Put them in a ponytail or try a simple up-do. Our personal suggestion? Wear them free-form with a Loza Tam African turban on top. This will quickly become your go-to lazy day style.

4. The Accent Braids

Source: @jd_winters

When you want to look like you actually cared to do something with your hair, this style can be done in a pinch. Using a comb, part a small section of your hair nearest to your edges, then split that section directly in the middle. Cornrow (or flat twist!) each side, then either pin them up or leave them hanging for a more casual look. Dress it up with some gold hair jewelry and voila! You’ve got yourself a super cute hairstyle with zero fuss!

5. The Full-Out Fro

Source: @curldaze

For us naturalistas, the full-out fro is the ultimate lazy day hairstyle. No braids, no up-dos, no twists– just a fro in its most natural state. After fluffing out your hair with a pick for maximum afro power, either let it be free or put on a headband for added appeal.

No need for lazy days to be hair don’ts with these hassle-free hairdos. They’ll keep you looking fly effortlessly. So, which one are you trying first?

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    The mini twists are my favorite… Mine last about two weeks which makes life so convenient.. Great post and hair tips…

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