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Graduation Gift Guide // 5 Gifts to Celebrate Graduation

Graduation season is in full-swing and with it comes gifting season. Sure, it’s easy to just give them a gift card, but what they’re really looking for is something that is both thoughtful and practical. As grads transition into real adulthood, they want things that align with their newfound sophistication. Here are our top 5 gifts for grads that we think they will love. (And they’re all women-owned!)

1. Luggage

Away Luggage

The Medium, $275

Having reliable luggage to tote on new adventures is essential for a recent grad. And a quality piece of luggage doesn’t have to be bulky or cumbersome. Case and point: Away Luggage, which offers travelers “The Perfect Luggage,”–well-made gear that will stand the test of time. Go on and get your grad something that they’ll be proud to pick up at baggage claim.

2. Loza Tam Head band or Turban

turban hat

Black & White Snakeskin Print Head Wrap Turban, $40

In college, #thestrugglesisreal when it comes to keeping up with a healthy hair routine. And oftentimes, these same bad habits carry over into post-grad life–especially when grads are trying to figure out their next steps. With so much to think about, they need an easy solution to their hair woes. The answer to this problem: a satin-lined headband or turban from Loza Tam! Loza Tams’s satin-lined hair accessories are great for keeping the your grad stress-free, frizz-free, and breakage-free.

3. Jewelry

Starfish Jewelry Necklace

Faith; Gold Bar Necklace, $69.99

When in doubt, bling it out. An engraved ring or keepsake necklace are mementos that grads will forever cherish. As they enter into this new, more mature season of life, cheap earrings that rust after one wear just aren’t gonna cut it anymore. Check out Starfish Project for a great piece- they’re an ethical brand that goes deeper than fashion. Each purchase helps survivors of human trafficking move towards self-sufficiency through employment.

4. Underwear

Nubian Skin Cinnamon Brief

Classic Brief, Cinnamon, $16,00

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. Underwear? But let us tell you, great underwear is essential to putting your best foot forward each day. As simple a gesture as gifting underwear may seem, your grad will find it super useful and undeniably timely.Women of color have struggled to find underwear that match their spectrum of tones FOR EVAH EVAH, but Nubian Skin has filled that void with their diverse collection of shades that actually blend in with deeper hues.

5. A Phone Case

Eeni Edit iPhone Case

Boss Moves iPhone Case, $35,00

Young adults are always on the hunt for ways to express their individuality. One tried and true method is swapping out phone cases to best fit your #mood of the week or month. It’s an excellent way keep in step with who they are, while they discover who they can be. Our favorites come from Eeni Edit, a conceptualized “eclectic fashionista”  who creates beautiful and relatable art for the burgeoning boss lady on the go.

We hope our suggestions help you nail down the perfect present! Let us know if your grad loved their gift by tagging us @loza_tam!


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